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December 2023

Essen Motor Show 2023
(01.12.2023 - 10.12.2023)

Catering assortiment

Beverages Non alcoholics Bottled beer Draft beer Water dispenser Wine & Spirits Ice cubes | Crushed Ice

Snacks & Baked goods Topped rolls & Sandwiches Cakes & Fruits Warm snacks

Sweets & Nibbles Sweet & nibbles

Fingerfood & Lunch Fingerfood Crewcatering Lunchbags Salad & Antipasti Soups & Bowl dishes

Coffee condiments & Disposable goods Coffee & Condiments Disposable goods Cleaning goods

Rentable goods | coffee machines | refrigerators Coffee dishes Plates & Cutleries Glasses Bar & Mietmobiliar Dishes & Glass cleaning service Coffee machines Draft machines Refrigerator

Booth event-Packages Event packages

Barista | Vouchers | Personnel Personnel Music - DJ - Live band Barista services Vouchers

Coffee | Tea | Self-Pick Up - Messeshop Coffee | tea | Self pick-up Icecubes | Self pick-up Fair store | Self pick-up

Conference assortiment

Beverages Coffee & Tea Cold drinks

Snacks Dessert Savory

Warm meals & Lunch Soup Fingerfood & Snacks Lunch

Meeting fees Beverage fee

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Information on ordering and delivery

Allergen labeling & additives

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